Who Rules Your Mind?

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Who rules your mind?

Have you left the door open for intruders to enter and trash your sense of peace?

Have you given the key to anyone who asks, or worse, demands it?

Do you claim your mind as yours, or do you offer it to who ever wishes to come inside, settle in and, after overstaying their welcome, claim Squatter’s Rights?

Do you step aside and passively let anyone who dares push their way past the threshold, allowing them the unquestioned freedom to chisel away at your serenity?

I’ll ask you again: Who rules your mind?

If you’re not sure, check in with that guy, Guilt, and his buddy, Anxiety. Without a moment’s hesitation, they’ll tell you if you’ve given up your rights to them.  Listen to what they have to say:


Guilt:  “It’s mine! I rule your mind simply by hitting the rewind button, flashing images of fear that cause you pain. I project myself on to anyone who even remotely reminds you of your perceived errors. Once your stomach tightens, your fists clench, and your nightmares cast their shadows, I know that I’m in command!”


Anxiety: “I hit fast forward and blare the sirens.  The signposts I look for are sleeplessness, anger and outbursts.  I scream at you to judge anyone who triggers your pain. Attack first, fast and furiously! That’s my motto. As soon as your blood pressure soars, I claim my rightful place on the Throne of Control. It’s all about FEAR, baby!’’

You do realize, don’t you, that you have Wisdom sitting in the wings simply awaiting your invitation to take up full-time residence?

Wait. Why are you still looking down that dark hallway?  Turn this way, toward the Light. That’s right.  Simply call out to Spirit, ‘I choose to have You rule my mind.’

Quiet now. Sh-h-h-h-h-h-h. What do you hear?

Static? Hm-m-m. Be still and place your ear up to His door. Anything?

Ah-ha, there you go. That’s right. What do you hear now?

Silence?  That’s called Peace. Go ahead, open the door and tell me what you see.


Yes, I’m smiling, too. It’s nice to see that serene expression on your face. And you’re glowing. The Light from within has surrounded and engulfed you. Such joy. Such innocence.

You wear it well, My Love.


Top five pictures by Rev. Barbara Adams

(c) 2016

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