Healing the Inner Child


Symbols are stand-ins for that “which is,” or that which we think exists. Spiritually speaking, the ego is a symbol for that part of our mind that constantly judges, scorns, and sends message for us to verbally and/or physically attack ourselves or another. The ego is never satisfied. It simply wants to take over more and more of our mind and haul us into the cave of darkness. Spiritually speaking.

As an ordained ministerial counselor, I am not a psychotherapist. Nor do I attempt to psychoanalyze those who seek healing. I leave that to the expertise of my psychology and psychiatry colleagues.

What do I do?  I seek to have you identify that part of your spiritual self in need of healing. And, you do that by recognizing that you (and the rest of us!) either listen to ego’s rants or you seek to feel and hear the Love of Spirit over the cacophony of falsities.

The inner child is simply a symbol for that part of our spirit-Self that is joyful, playful, loving and carefree…


…or a part of our ego that is hurting, crying, lashing out, in need of comfort; calling out for love.

Through a series of discussions and activities, you will be able to get in touch with that “little one within” who has been crying out for love. You will also learn how to, first remember and then apply, the love and comfort offered by your “parent within”…


…and then remember and experience the Love and Peace of Spirit, the ultimate “parent within.”

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