Coming From a Place of Love


Because the current political atmosphere is so highly charged, discourse has often been harsh causing rifts between friends and families. Yet, to suppress the desire to express points of view and their accompanying emotions without seeking another way, does nothing but push the feelings underground where they “plead to be released.” Verbal or written aggressive attacks, not to mention those who express physically, sometimes ensue.

I Invite You to:

  1. PAUSE: Breath and wait before speaking or posting.

  2. REFRAIN: Avoid the knee-jerk reactions of spewing aggressive rhetoric.

  3. REFLECT: Think of your friends and family. Do you really want to hurl attack thoughts and words their way? If they initiate, what you consider a negative post or comment, how else might you react and respond from a place of love and respect?

  4. SEEK ANOTHER WAY: Instead of attack thoughts and ‘gotchas,’ find another way to express yourself.

  5. REFRAME: Rewrite your “script.” Come from a place of love, civility and respect.

Coming From a Place of Love

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