Higher, I Soar


If I attack myself or others, verbally, emotionally or physically, I erroneously believe I’m doing something to correct a  challenging situation; that I’m taking action. But, knee-jerk reactions tend to yield limited, unsustainable results and I experience only a momentary semblance of satisfaction and control.

And, therein lies the trap. The need to feel in-control, to be heard, to appear to be an activist, because, “That’ll show ‘em!” ensnares me in the battle.

By giving up the need to control, I gain control. By making that decision, I’m an activist by default.

I recall that by acquiescing, by stepping aside and inviting my Source to intervene, I act on my power to decide again. I recognize that I am infused with strength, and patience. From a higher vantage point, I glimpse a fuller perspective of the battleground and of alternative solutions. Pausing, I slowly breathe in new Life, and I am once again reminded of who I am…one with the Infinite Power. Higher, I soar!

And, I remember, (yet one more time for as long as it takes to reinforce my commitment to sustain peace), that it takes letting go to soar to new heights. It takes strength to be humble. And, it takes Love to undo fear.


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