About Rev. Barb

kjp_6594Rev. Barbara Adams, O.M.C. 

B.S.Ed., M.S.Ed., C.A.S. Ed. Admin.

Ordained Ministerial Counselor

A Course in Miracles Teacher and Student

Even when I was young, I felt a calling to serve in a spiritual capacity. As a child, I could never put it into words. From the core of my being, I felt the Light within me growing strong yet didn’t fully understand this Love that asked to be shared and joined with others.

About six years ago I was drawn to the spiritual path that answered those stirrings. A Course in Miracles is an educational program in spiritual development. The Course helps us to understand that we are living in one of two ways: either we are calling out for love because we are living in fear, or we are living in joy and extending love to others. It’s all a choice.

I have answered the Call by furthering my insights into the full meaning of the Course by becoming an ordained ministerial counselor (O.M.C.). Through the Pathways of Light Spiritual College and through my local Course teacher, I continue to actively study the application of the principles of the Course in greater depth, as I awaken to my true Self by removing the blocks to Love’s awareness.  I am finding the peace and joy that God has willed to each of us so that I may share it with others.

The term, miracle, as used in the Course seems to cause confusion to many. If you think of the words love, peace or joy it may make more sense: A Course in Love/Peace/Joy! Who wouldn’t want to pursue that goal? By remembering the love within yourself and others and by making the choice to look past perceived errors, you and others experience love, peace, joy…and harmony. Voila, the miracle!

I pursued my spiritual studies after retiring from another calling, that of teaching. For over thirty-two years I was actively involved in the education system as a teacher, athletic coach, and school/interim district administrator. I served as lead trainer for National Coalition Building Institute© diversity training,  PeaceBuilders©, Natural Helpers©, Safe School Ambassadors©, our school’s anti-bullying initiative, peer mediation, and Drug and Alcohol Intervention program for the district. Each of these avenues afforded me valuable learning and teaching opportunities.

The heart of teaching is the connection between the teacher and the student. Meaningful, joyful learning cannot take place without this vital joining. It is this that I relished most. And, when I meet up with former students in various settings throughout the community, it is that they share with me, “It was so much fun,” and “Remember when…” with a twinkle in their eye.

It is this joy of teaching, learning…and healing that I bring to our encounters. It is seeing you as whole; complete. Even when you wander off course, you possess the Compass to find your way Home. You have all the Wisdom you need to heal. Allow me to walk beside you as you remember who you truly are: innocent, guiltless, One with our Source, powerful, joyful, a Child of God, capable and strong.

I can assist you in breaking through the clouds of darkness to guide you back to the light of your true Self.


Recently, I came across a letter I had saved. It’s from a former student with special needs who shared her thoughts with me. I offer it to you, minus her name, that you may gain trust in my ability to join with you.

Dear Ms. Adams,

You have taught me to love my true self because I was special.  You helped me see that it’s what I think that matters and not what others think, because you won’t get very far in this world if you go on other people’s judgments.  They don’t know you very well if they can’t see your inner beauty.

You were my most favorite teacher because you cared enough to help me along the way.  Thank you very, very much for letting me see what really matters, the love of your self.

I can’t thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sincerely yours,




Miracles News

Published by Pathways of Light

Ormond Beach, Florida

” Miracles News” published one of my articles in their October-December 2016 issue entitled, THE ADVENTURES OF THE COURSE KIDS: THROUGH FAITH AND GRACE.

Based on book that I wrote and published by the same name, my article focuses on sharing the teachings of the Course with children at an age-appropriate level. I invite you to read this enlightening article.

In the January-March 2017 issue of “Miracle News,” Pathways of Light, published my article OLD TIME RELIGION: YOU’RE AN ABOMINATION. GET OUT!

What do members of the LGBTQ community do with the pain and guilt thrust upon them/us by religions that practice exclusion and condemnation? Read how I feel called to minister to my brothers and sisters.