Welcome to the Healing Room

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Healing is a process of having the willingness to face the darkness in our lives and the courage to invite in the light of love, peace, and joy, which was placed within our hearts upon our creation. In so doing, we remember the truth of our oneness with our Creator and with all of creation.

The Healing Room is the space where you and I come together in confidential spiritual counseling. In Reality this can be anyplace where two or more spirits join in extending and receiving love by seeing only the Light within the other.

Due to COVID-19, we will meet via individual Zoom Room sessions on our electronic devices, such as tablets, smart phones, laptops or desktop computers. We will both agree to confidentiality and will begin by simply getting to know each other.

Setting up Zoom Room is easy! I can talk you through it. ♥

To learn more, go the CONTACT page by clicking on the black menu box found above in the right-hand corner. Send a quick email to me, Rev. Barb, and I will reply quickly.

Peace, my friend. You deserve it.

Rev. Barb Adams, O.M.C., M.S.Ed., C.A.S.