Rainbow Connection


You are as God created you.

Perfect. Whole. Innocent.

As God Is, I Am

I was in the fourth decade of my life before I heard those words.

I suffered for years as a closeted Catholic. Being preached at and lectured to from the pulpit, I was sent messages that I was damned to the flames of hell. However, I couldn’t publicly grieve or lash out. So I did what so many LGBTQ people do. I damned myself. I escorted myself to hell. I internalized the hate and attempted to hide it deep within.

Years ago at a workshop, I heard a woman tell of suppressing feelings and needs. I’m paraphrasing when I relate her message: Hiding something you fear is like burying yourself alive. You clamor and claw at yourself as you attempt to dig your way back out… to life.

Through deep contemplation and prayer, I gained the strength to seek assistance in remembering and accepting my true Self. Spiritual counseling helped awaken the memory of the Light within.

It wasn’t until I looked upon myself through Christ Vision that I could heal and remember the beauty of my soul.

“My grievances (toward myself and my accusers) hide the light of the world in me.” W-69, A Course in Miracles, Second edition, Foundation for Inner Peace.


Allow me to hold a lantern to help light your way back Home. Rev. Barb


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“I am as God created me.” W-94

“God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.” W-101

A Course in Miracles, Second edition, Foundation for Inner Peace.

Listen to Kermit’s joyous words.

Do they apply?

The Rainbow Connection

Jim Henson as Kermit the Frog