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New to My Ministry!


I’m currently meeting with students/clients on a 1-1 basis, and find this rewarding and exciting! The ability to focus time and energies on the needs of each person fills me with Inspiration and Joy!

No matter the door from which we enter, Healing the Inner Child, Spiritual Counseling, study of A Course in Miracles, Spiritual Awakening, the destination is the same: Healing. We want to remember the Truth of who we are so that we may experience the gifts we were given upon our creation: Love, Peace, Joy, Wisdom, and the awareness of Abundance…we want for nothing!

Read this testimonial from one of my current students. Wouldn’t you want a similar experience?

“Here is my completed home work assignment regarding my take-away from yesterday’s session:

1. I feel God’s energy in the room and become energized and excited to learn and experience more.

2. I feel safe and fully accepted to be myself.

3. I am learning to relax and appreciate that I do not have to have all the right answers. I can take time to explore the questions and determine what is right for me.

4. I feel very blessed that my higher power has guided me to this opportunity.

5. My resentment toward institutions, dogma and ritual is being replaced by my gratitude for foundational principles that are being strengthened by my new understanding of God and spirituality.”

Sincerely, G.M

And from our recent Healing Inner Child session, another student shared this feedback with me:

“Words can never express my deep gratitude to you for not only helping me but loving me into being. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

When I left I felt so free, confident, and like a burden was taken off of me.

Can’t wait to see you again!
Love & Peace to You!”

G. J.


Read the feedback from a participant:

“This was a wonderful, sacred workshop, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I gained further insight into myself, and it helped me to understand more of where I am coming from. I enjoyed the group, and everyone freely participated and shared. It was a safe environment. The visual presentation was awesome… it helped to emphasize important points. I loved when the lights were turned down and soft music played while Rev. Barb read a meditation.

There were light times, which created a balance of energy…The workshop was put together so well and everyone got a chance to respond, if they so desired (no pressure) …I feel very blessed to have been part of this workshop.” J.G.

Testimonials about

The 8-Week Spiritual Awakening Program

Do you feel this experience was helpful to you?

In what ways?

  • “OMG, yes! It helped me to put fragmented pieces of my spiritual journey together and see things in different, more positive ways. Deep, intimate discussions just flowed.” Signed, D. S.

  • “Yes, definitely. It was an opportunity to grow deeper into my spirituality. It also provided a safe environment to verbally express many thoughts and feeling that otherwise would have remained in my head.” Signed, G.K.

What were the most valuable things you gained from this program

  • “Becoming a good person, such as being non-judgmental and aware; it is a continuing journey.

  • Reinforced my belief that I am a good person while recognizing there is great room for continued growth.

  • To give love to others I must first love and believe in myself.

  • Love replaces the negativity of fear, anger, anxiety

  • Listen to my Inner Guidance/Voice.” Signed D.S

  • “The thing I felt most valuable was the intimacy and camaraderie that evolved. It gave me an opportunity to meet like-minded people whom I now consider friends.” Signed G.K.

What comments do you have regarding your experience in the program?

  • “This Spiritual Awakening Program has changed my life. It helped me achieve clarity in my life and a loving path to follow. I also appreciate that it is non-denominational. I will regularly read and contemplate course materials.” Signed D.S.

  • “Having a week between meetings was helpful to put the practices/approaches into effect during everyday life. Having the (focus) cards handy assisted me in staying on track.” Signed G.K.

What would you like to share with your facilitator, Rev. Barb Adams?

  • “Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance, and for learning right along with us.” Signed D.S.

  • “Thank you, thank you! Your gentleness and insight was helpful in sorting out many issues and feelings. I also appreciate your ability to stay on topic/focused, and to be sensitive to time. You have discovered your calling!” Signed G.K.

Testimonials about

The Healing the Inner Child Program

Recently, I received additional feedback from a student who had completed the Healing the Inner Child program. He shared with me a letter he had written to one of his clients:

“About 1 year ago, I took a class, “Healing the Inner Child,” from a friend (Rev. Barbara Adams, O.M.C.) as a way to support her new ministry, not thinking I would really benefit from it. I thought I had done all the healing I needed over the last 15 years.  I can’t express how powerfully this process SHIFTED me.  I was finally able to open that box in my mind that contained all the physical and sexual abuse I had experienced from ages 5-12. 

It (“Healing the Inner Child”) is a very beautiful and safe process. Now as an adult, I realize that I was able to heal all that trauma from my childhood in a very Loving way.  I had not realized how all those things in that compartment affected me as an adult.  I found that my unhappiness was directly tied to things that happened over 50 years ago.  How could I be happy if my inner child was crying?

Not long after that healing, I felt truly free of fear. In that state of mind, I was able to accept the Atonement for myself.  And, as soon as I accepted the Atonement, I had a revelation of the Light of God that was Pure Joy.  I had never felt that before. It was far beyond any joy I have ever experienced.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude for our Creator.  I experienced a knowing that this place of Light was created by God just for me because I fit in perfectly; there was no separation.

I could have stayed in that place of pure Joy for eternity and would have been very happy.  Yet, I was given a choice, to stay in that state, or go back to my life. I chose to return, feeling I still have more work to do.  When I returned, I brought the Knowing that fear is the only thing that separates us. There is no death.  God has a place for each of us that is Pure Light, Love and Joy. 

I call this “My near Life Experience.”

In Joy,


Additional Feedback on

Healing the Inner Child Program:

Do you feel the experience was helpful to you?

In what ways?

  • “Absolutely. I t too, me to a place in my mind that needed healing. Thank you.” L.J.

  • Yes. This experience has been helpful to me. I’ve never been a part of a group like this, and as I’ve said, I’m new to healing and meditation, in general. I think this was a great place to start, not only in helping me understand emotions, but in being open.” C.C.

What were the most valuable things you gained from this program?

  • “Realization that my inner child was crying. It affected my happiness as an adult. :-)” L.J.

  • “Understanding the origin of my various feelings and how to deal/cope with them better.” C.C.

What comments do you have regarding your experience in the program?

  • “It might help to compress the time schedule to, maybe 6 weeks if possible, and make each meeting 2 hours long. Once we got started, the time went fast.” L.J.

  • “I know I was shy, but I’m working on that. I really enjoyed the program and would like to continue with other such things.” C.C.

What would you like to share with your facilitator, Rev. Barb Adams?

  • “I really appreciate all your effort in offering this course. I think your prayers are beautiful and your meditations create such a wonderful vision of healing. You are such a blessing to everyone.” L.J.

  • “I enjoy your energy, and I thank you for teaching us and l listening. :-)”  C.C.

Joyfully Offering Time and Assistance

“Dear Rev. Barb,

Loop Ministries would like to thank you for your extraordinary volunteer service for the November (2016) session of Food for the Soul. It was so helpful for you to give me a heads up about wishing to serve food to our guests, and for your kind interaction with each one. It was a pleasure to work with you.”

Food for the Soul Volunteer Coordinator

Reformation Lutheran Church

Rochester, NY 14604

Offering Prayer Services at Bethany House

Bethany House is a Catholic Worker House of Hospitality in the city of Rochester, NY. It first opened its doors to homeless women and their children in 1977.

“My Dearest Rev,

I feel privileged and honored to have met you at this time in my life and to know that you are willing to share your God-ness with us. I do not question God’s ways.  I can only be thankful – I believe that Bethany is a House of Miracles – it has been proven to me over and over again – I will leave it at that – Blessed be!!

Aside from the above statement I want to tell you your prayer service elicited many wonderful comments and acclamations from the women who were there.

In our last staff meeting we spoke about you and your prayer service and how it impacted the women in the house and others who don’t live here but were in attendance. This came up because there were so many favorable comments made to staff as well as women asking when you might be coming again.

We believe that you are – and will continue to be an important presence here at Bethany. Women have already expressed their gratitude that you have come here – and want you to come again.

I’ve always loved the story of the apostles of Emmaus – walking down a road together wondering about their lives when Christ suddenly joins them and asks them where they’re going – and they don’t recognize him – until he opens their eyes – this is the way I see you here at Bethany – you join people in their journey – and you open their eyes – and through your words and prayers they recognize you as someone full of grace and love.”

Cor a cor loquitor,

Sister Kathleen


Bethany House continues to serve the needs of women and children in our city, county, and state; women have even welcomed those seeking safe housing from other areas of the country. Women come for a variety of reasons; some have been victims of domestic violence, some have been evicted from their home, some are trying to recover from alcohol and/or drug addiction, some are being released from incarceration, some have been hospitalized for illness of mind and/or body. All come from experiences that radically deny their worth. Bethany’s primary focus is to serve the needs of women with or without children. Those served are not limited by race, religion or economic background. The door is always open to those in need.

NOTE: Permission was granted to share all of these comments.